Wednesday, April 1, 2015

End Of Term Winter 2015

March 20th marked the last day of classes for the winter term at FAA. Over the course of this term I have completed two figure drawings, two cast drawings, a portrait, as well as numerous pencil drawings, an ecorche drawing for my long pose, and some value studies in paint. Here are some of my works:

Here are all my works assembled and waiting for the final critique
Second Cast Drawing - "Michelangelo"
Second Long-Pose
Value-studies in paint

my last pencil-drawing of the term
Next term I will work on another figure drawing and a complex cast, but, for now, I am enjoying spring break by sketching around this beautiful city!
Sketching at Ponte Vecchio

These last three months have been an amazing and enlightening experience. I am still in awe of how much this school has to offer, of all the incredible teachers and dedicated students, and of what an inspiring environment it is to learn in. Thank you again to all who helped make my attendance here possible!
Me and "Portrait of Jothi"

Italian word of the day: "Primavera", "Spring."

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